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Coco Replica Chanel Outlet grew up in an orphanage , Replica Chanel Outlet 2.55 bag inside maroon leather represents Coco 's childhood , because the orphanage for orphans wear uniforms is this color. 2.55 pairs of cover design also has a small mind , the first one has a zipper cover dark yard folder , there is a collection of your own love letters Coco place ; cover that little clip on the back of the package is 2.55 Coco used to store loose change . Shoulder chain design inspiration also came from the orphanage , orphanage caretaker who was regarded a key chain with a similar system in his waist, Coco is also very impressed with the screen. 2.55 rectangular buckle is named "Mademoiselle Lock", translated means " lady of the lock," on behalf of Coco never married, so life will be called Coco who was Miss Coco Replica Chanel Outlet.

Maybe some people dream in life is to have a Replica Chanel Outlet 2.55 bag , maybe some people have to realize this dream many times , do not rule out that some people think the style is too traditional Replica Chanel Outlet 2.55 or even a bit outdated. Speaking of myself, I am a child has been admired Coco Replica Chanel Outlet, so many years ago has been a loyal supporter of Replica Chanel Outlet , she 's the reason I do not like to say, just look at the impact caused her in the historical development of the fashion industry will enough to make me love her all my life. If you are still looking for their own good reasons to love some of 2.55 , so today I 'll give you five reasons they have it .

Before the breakdown of these reasons , I should like to begin to talk about the Replica Chanel Outlet 2.55 and Replica Chanel Outlet Classic Flag This is very similar to the classic two bags in the end what is the difference . I will start talking about their history , 2.55 was born in February 1955 , so named for the 2.55 Bag, argyle and rectangular metal buckle is Replica Chanel Outlet 2.55 mark. Until the eighties metal buckle Karl Lagerfeld only then double- C logo joined Classic Flag Bag design.

2005 Karl Lagerfeld resurrected engraved version 2.55 Commemorative Reissue Series

In 2005, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the birth of 2.55 , Karl Lagerfeld re- package shall follow in 1955 when Coco Replica Chanel Outlet designed to make a replica of 2.55 , named "2.55 Reissue", strictly speaking, only the 2005 launch this section of the package is the most primitive of 2.55. However, after many years of design changes , 2.55 now has a pure metal chain / metal chain interwoven leather , single cover / double cover , square buckle (Mademoisslle Lock) / double C buckle lot deformation styles. But then for the convenience , people like the original design package called party lock 2.55 2.55 Reissue, a double deduction of 2.55 package C is called Classic Flag.